About Mark

About Mark

Who I am

Hi, my name is Mark Berka and welcome to my website. I’m an astronomer by education who likes to experiment with internet software and electronics. I’m the guy who gets easily excited about a new gadget or piece of software and then spends months obsessing over it until there isn’t much left to discover.

I figured I’d start a website where I could document and share my obsessions and research – hence BerkaWeb.

I’m 33 years old, enjoy playing the piano (Mozart, Liszt, Schumann), and spend more time than I should be playing with my four guinea pigs.

What I am not

An IT professional. I enjoy learning about software and hardware and putting stuff through various tests to see what happens and if interesting data can be obtained. Still, it’s just my hobby, not a profession.

If you disagree with anything I say or if you spot an error in my testing methodologies or chosen ranking criteria for software and services, please let me know.